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Larry Rolph

About the Work

Mr. Rolph brings skill to many different areas of his art. In the last few years he has concentrated his work primarily in oils and watercolor. In particular, his attention to fine detail and his outstanding techniques have made him a master of the art of watercolor. His work ranges from luminous landscapes of the Grand Canyon to the exquisite details of a gnarled Bristlecone pine tree.

His larger paintings in oil provide social commentary at its finest. The viewer is invited in to participate in his vision. With each viewing of the work, the details unfold and reveal yet another layer. What may look like a simple wall soon emerges as a row of mysterious faces; or gaping strangers in the background of a picture may be suddenly revealed as fallen newsmakers from the past. There is humor and drama in each of his larger works.

For sheer movement and grace, his seascapes in oil are outstanding examples of the genre. They range from dark, brooding works to the flashing curl of a wave captured at its peak. It is difficult to see the fine details in a picture from a photo. These must be experienced in person.

Mr. Rolph has worked throughout his life as a painter of quality and substance, sharing his vision of the world with his audience. Here he shares his work with you.